For seamless connection, even illumination, and easy installation, please review our architectural signage products.

For Architectural Lighting applications:

JB Light Bar is our Newest Seamless light bar designed as light weight with fluid light distribution, ideal for interior under cabinet lighting applications.

The HB & SB product line is similar, but the primary difference is the HB series is more commonly used for outdoor applications. The HB is also listed for wet location.

With the angle view options and warm LED colors, the HB can serve as accent lighting, cove lighting, or as a wall wash. The cool white color available in both the HB product line can provide task lighting.

The SB series is notably used for indoor applications. This is perfect for cove lighting, under- cabinet, and wall washing. The SB has a low profile design, so it has the flexibility, if limited spacing is available. This is great for display lighting and retail applications. Even though the SB is mostly used for indoor applications, it is listed for damp location. The SB is also available in 0-10 volt dimming.

For Refrigeration applications:

Vertical Refrigeration Light Bars
LED Summit Series

Horizontal Refrigeration Light Bars

For channel letter lighting:

The H30 also has the diversity for more upscale lighting and entertainment lighting. The H30 is available with multi-color (RGB) LED’s and is even compatible with a DMX controller. The H30 is also damp location rated for IP66.

For back-lighting and edge-lit application:

Direct View and perimeter view.

The RB series bars have also been used to replace liner fluorescent lighting often used in warehouses, and offices. They serve as an LED linear T8 replacement for troffers. The cool white color available in these bars can also serve as task lighting.